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A Life of Ospreys      Utgått 

Tilgjengelighet: Utgått vare
Boka er spekket med bilder og stoff om fiskeørna, men den handler ikke bare om fiskeørn, men også mannen som har fulgt den skotske bestanden nærmest, i den positive fortellingen om bestandsøkningen til dagens 200 par fra etableringen på 50-tallet.
A Life of Ospreys
Forlag/produsentWhittles Publishing
ForfatterRoy Dennis
Antall sider224s
Fotos - illustrasjonerGjennomillustrert i farger

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Personal stories from the man most closely associated with the osprey in Scotland An accurate account of the species Complemented with stunning photos and informative visual material Brings the story of the osprey bang up-to-date with satellite radio studies of migration to Africa and back

Ospreys are one of our best known and best loved birds and the name Roy Dennis is not only synonymous with the successful return of the osprey to Scotland, but is also renowned for his international work with a variety of species. From the time he saw his first osprey, back in 1960, Roy has worked to help this magnificent raptor establish itself once more in a country where it had been hounded and persecuted to near-extinction over hundreds of years.

This book tells the story not only of the osprey, but of the osprey watcher, following the bird's fortunes in Scotland, seeing its numbers rise from that single pair in the 1950s to close to 200 pairs today. From a look at its history in Scotland and the rest of the UK including the bad old days of egg thieves and the shooting of birds as specimens, it moves to the present day, with satellite radios allowing us to follow the every move of the osprey on its migration to Africa and back.

Roy has pioneered the building of artificial nests for ospreys, which had been instrumental in increasing their numbers and range, as well as starting the first European trans-location taking chicks from their nests in the Highlands and releasing them at Rutland Water Nature Reserve in the Midlands. The book also covers the ecology of the osprey with many personal anecdotes and insights.

Diary entries give a more immediate feel to the chapters, and the worldwide distribution of ospreys is enlivened by that sense of immediacy. Roy's writings, at a time when no one knew whether or not his lifetime's work would succeed, add a sense of history to this personal tale.


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What the reviews say:

So the book is part diary, part autobiography, part species account and part historical perspective. It is at all times fascinating and often very entertaining and we are also treated to excellent photographs and line drawings, maps and notes - a nicely considered mix...

Its tale is a fascinating one entertainingly told by Roy Dennis. I guarantee anyone who even lightly dips their big toe into this book will learn something and I defy anyone to not find themselves immersing themselves in its rich storehouse and terrific gallery. Fatbirder

'Roy Dennis has produced a hugely enjoyable and readable record... The book is semi-autobiographical - 'I looked through the drizzle across the forest bog and there - I can see it still - in the branches of an ancient Scots pine, was the male, peacefully preening his wet feathers...' and it shines with the commitment of a enthusiast - 'I fell under the spell, not only of these beautiful birds but also of Strathspey, its wildlife and its people.' Dennis' text is enlivened by excellent colour photographs, sensitive drawings by Alessandro Troisi, graphs and charts, by contemporary illustrations and cuttings, and also by rewritten diary pages, which succeed in personalising the author's own tale. ... Any reader will relish his account of the story so far.' HABITAT

'...his enthusiasm and single-mindedness and this exudes from him throughout this book. ...there are some outstanding pictures including ospreys taking fish and a close-up of an osprey's eyes that are so compelling. can almost feel that you are there taking in the same experiences.' Highland News

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