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Coleoptera of Europe, Volume 1      Ikke utkommet 

Latridiidae, Merophysidae and Dasyceridae

Pris: 1082
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Tilgjengelighet: 2-4 ukers leveringstid
Sammenfattende systematisk oversikt over alle billearter i Europa. Til sammen 15 bind er planlagt. Bøkene vil tilsammne gjøre det mulig å identifisere så å si alle europeiske billearter.
Coleoptera of Europe, Volume 1
ForfatterRücker, W
Antall sider600s
Fotos - illustrasjoner20 fargeplansjer, strektegn, nøkler

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Forlagets egne opplysninger

The most important work on European Coleoptera in the 20th century was "Die Käfer Mitteleuropas" which appeared in 15 volumes plus further volumes on larvae, ecology and catalogue. Coleoptera of Europe will in the same way be the most important European work on Coleoptera in the new century. This new series is aimed at providing brief, concise identification guides, to all European Coleoptera, and is intended both for professional and amateur entomologists. ¨

Up till now consice publications are completely lacking for most groups of European Coleoptera. The most comprehensive work is up till now Die Käfer Mitteleuropas.
Each volume will treat a systematic unit comprising about 150-500 species. This will usually mean a family or subfamily, but it can also be a single large genus, or a group of smaller families. Small and systematically unrelated groups may also be collected in one volume. The volumes are published as manuscripts become available and not in a systematical order.

The geographical area covered will include Europe west of the former USSR, but including Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Authors may also include one or more of the adjacent parts of the western Palaearctic Region, i. e.: Macaronesia, North Africa (Maghreb countries), Cyprus, Asia Minos, Lebanon, Israel, the European part of Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, as well as the Transcaucasian area (Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaidzjan).

Each volume should be well illustrated, and where it is useful for the identification, all species can be shown in colour, either by colour photographs or by water colours. Sexual dimorphism and extensive polymorphism may also be illustrated. All specimens, except the largest, will be shown enlarged. Male and female genitalia as well as other morphological details nessesary for the identification, either as line drawings or as black and white photographs.

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