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Lichen Biology

2nd Edition

Pris: 682
Frakt på varen: 59,-
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Tilgjengelighet: 2-4 ukers leveringstid
En grundig innføring i lavenes biologi, økologi og biogeografi. Aspekter ved lavers anvendelse er også behandlet.
Forlag/produsentCambridge University Press
ForfatterNash, Thomas H.
Antall sider315s
Fotos - illustrasjoner43 strektegn, 102 halvtone

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Forlagets omtale: 

Lichens are symbiotic organisms in which fungi and algae and/or cyanobacteria form an intimate biological union. This diverse group is found in almost all terrestrial habitats from the tropics to polar regions. In this second edition, four completely new chapters cover recent developments in the study of these fascinating organisms, including lichen genetics and sexual reproduction, stress physiology and symbiosis, and the carbon economy and environmental role of lichens. The whole text has been fully updated, with chapters covering anatomical, morphological and developmental aspects; the contribution of the unique secondary metabolites produced by lichens to medicine and the pharmaceutical industry; patterns of lichen photosynthesis and respiration in relation to different environmental conditions; the role of lichens in nitrogen fixation and mineral cycling; and the use of lichens as indicators of air pollution. This is a valuable reference for both students and researchers interested in lichenology.

o Contains new chapters on sexual reproduction; stress physiology and symbiosis; the carbon economy of lichens; and the environmental role of lichens o Carefully selected team of chapter authors ensures authoritative and even coverage o Comprehensive coverage (including anatomy, morphology, physiology, ecology, systematics), and fully updated throughout


Preface T. H. Nash III; 1. Introduction T. H. Nash III; 2. Photobionts T. Friedl and B. Büdel; 3. Mycobionts R. Honegger; 4. Thallus morphology and anatomy B. Büdel and C. Scheidegger; 5. Morphogenesis R. Honegger; 6. Sexual reproduction in lichen-forming ascomycetes R. Honegger and S. Scherrer; 7. Biochemistry and secondary metabolites J. A. Elix and E. Stocker-Wörgötter; 8. Stress physiology and the symbiosis R. P. Beckett, I. Kranner and F. V. Minibayeva; 9. Physiological ecology of carbon dioxide exchange T. G. A. Green, T. H. Nash III and O. L. Lange; 10. The carbon economy of lichens K. Palmqvist, L. Dahlman, A. Jonsson and T. H. Nash III; 11. Nitrogen, its metabolism and potential contribution to ecosystems T. H. Nash III; 12. Nutrients, elemental accumulation and mineral cycling T. H. Nash III; 13. Individuals and populations of lichens D. Fahselt; 14. Environmental role of lichens M. R. D. Seaward; 15. Lichen sensitivity to air pollution T. H. Nash III; 16. Lichen biogeography D. J. Galloway; 17. Systematics of lichenized fungi A. Tehler and M. Wedin; Appendix - Culture methods for lichens and lichen symbionts E. Stocker-Wörgötter and A. Hager; References; Index.


From a review of the first edition: '... provides a comprehensive and up-to-date account of the fascinating world of lichens ... a well written book with information presented in a way that is easy to grasp ... has the potential to fulfill the author's intention not only to attract lichenologists, but also students and scientists in related fields.' S. Dietz, Journal of Experimental Botany

'... an extremely detailed review of current knowledge ... a new dimension to study.' British Ecological Society TEG News

'I have no reservations in recommending it.' David L. Hawksworth, Trends in Plant Science

'... research workers and university teachers ... will find it a valuable and up-to-date resource.' P. D. Crittenden, Journal of Applied Phycology

'... an excellent book.' D. C. Smith, Journal of New Phytology

'Nobody has done more than Thomas Nash, III to demonstrate that lichens are living, breathing creatures ... A review volume of this sort is both a challenge and a credit to its editor'. S. Hammer, Trends in Microbiology


T. H. Nash III, T. Friedl, B. Büdel, R. Honegger, C. Scheidegger, S. Scherrer, J. A. Elix, E. Stocker-Wörgötter, R. P. Beckett, I. Kranner, F. V. Minibayeva, T. G. A. Green, O. L. Lange, K. Palmqvist, L. Dahlman, A. Jonsson, D. Fahselt, M. R. D. Seaward, D. J. Galloway, A. Tehler, M. Wedin, A. Hager

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