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Managing your Woodland for Wildlife

2nd ed

Pris: 198
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Tilgjengelighet: 2-4 ukers leveringstid
Boka tar for seg hva man kan gjøre for å bedre forholdene for vilt og naturmangfold i skogen. God oversikt, men samtidig ikke for omfattende og komplisert.
Managing your Woodland for Wildlife
Forlag/produsentDavid Blakesley
ForfatterBlakesley & Buckley
Antall sider88s
Fotos - illustrasjonerSvarrthvit ill, tab, fig.

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Most woodland management has been highly beneficial for wildlife over the centuries, creating habitats which have supported a diverse flora and fauna. These range from the temporary open areas created by coppicing to veteran trees in grazed parkland, Sadly, the second part of the 20th century witnessed a period of neglect resulting in the reversion of large areas of coppice, under-thinned plantations and the loss of open space; and little active conservation of old-growth features. As a consequence we have seen a serious decline in woodland diversity.

Many people and organisations are now in a position to do something actively to help, either as owners or custodians of woodland. This beautifully illustrated book aims to offer practical advice for those managing smaller areas of woodland for wildlife.

The authors begin by introducing different woodland types - woodland plants, insects, birds, mammals, reptiles, fungi and lichens and how different management strategies will affect them. The creation of woodland open space is given particular prominence, together with other ways of improving woodland for wildlife, from conserving deadwood to putting up bat boxes. This book will appeal to small woodland owners and others with an interest in woodland management, including land owners, conservation organisations, foresters, consultants, planners, local authorities and community groups.

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